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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Dove research on men’s hair loss finds out aggressiveness as the root cause

Dove research on men’s hair loss finds out aggressiveness as the root cause
Men are more conscious about hair loss than women. As they are more liable to balding hair, they are more concerned about hair fall. ‘Think With Google’ studied in 2015 that men are more searching for hair care tips and advice than women.
As mentioned at, Dove Men+Care Hair did a thorough research on men’s hair loss and surveyed hundreds of dermatologist to find out the root cause of hair loss. The research that was a part of first ever campaign of Dove on men’s hair showed that many factors are behind the thinning or balding hair. A board certified dermatologist and expert for the brand Dr. Glynis Ablon revealed the facts that cause hair loss. According to the survey reports, the chief cause of hair loss among men is “aggressive grooming”.

According to Dr. Ablon “Aggressive grooming includes a lot of the things guys do every day that they’re actually unaware is damaging their hair. This includes vigorous towel drying, especially with a heavy cotton towel, and combing the hair harshly with the wrong type of combs or brushes.” Moreover, he added that hair styling tools pull hair and cause hair loss. Environmental factors like UV rays and chlorine are also dreadful for hair especially during summer season.
While presenting the facts regarding the dermatologists polled in the study, Ablon said that “I am not telling guys to avoid the sun or swimming altogether, it’s more about protecting your hair from the potential damage that these environmental stressors can inflict on hair. 90 percent of dermatologists agree that men today aren’t aware of how certain every day activities, such as those listed above, can contribute to hair fall. I think educating guys on types of preventive measures can help them tremendously.”
He added “Genetics do play a part in hair loss and hair fall, however it’s not the main source and there are things guys can do to protect against hair fall. Over 80% of dermatologists cite physical stress on hair as the leading factor that contributes to hair fall over genetics (73%) and disease or disorder (58%). Knowing this, I can’t stress enough the importance for men to take care of their hair and protect it now from hair fall and shedding.”
Preventive measures by Dr. Ablon
According to him, fresh wet hair are more liable to breakage and weakens the hair follicles. So special preventive measures should be adopted to lessen hair loss. As UV rays are unavoidable during summer, hats should be used as a preventive measure. While he recommended immediate wash after coming out of the pool to prevent from chlorine.
Selecting a good shampoo having moisturizing properties and good conditioner according to hair type keep the hair healthy. Ablon said that the first and foremost measure for hair care is moisturizing the scalp.

He said “It’s important that guys understand the damage chemical like chlorine have on their hair so when they get out of the pool they can wash with a moisturizing shampoo to ensure the chemical doesn’t inflict as much damage on the hair. And naturally, they should be using the right wash and care products that help make their hair stronger and more resilient.” 

Friday, 1 July 2016

Is Hair Transplant Worth It?

Facing baldness or hair lose problem? Then preferring hair transplant surgery for you will be an ideal decision. The majority of individuals facing hair problem seem baffled that whether to invest money in hair transplant or not? Well, there are various advantages of hair transplant.

 In short, hair transplant worth the cost. Let’s have a look on fee benefits of hair transplant surgery:

  • 1.       The very first and foremost benefit is that the grafted hair grows flawlessly on their own.

  • 2.       Hair transplant guarantees the efficient dissemination of hair. This methodology is done with care to achieve uniform follicular distribution.  

  • 3.      This surgery also guarantees the safety of the patient. The measure of anesthesia is directed to suit the necessities of the patient.

  • 4.      You can get your hair transplant perfectly without feeling much pain. The latest techniques made it easy for you to get new hairs on your head without feeling much agony and stressed.

  • 5.      Hair restoration has likewise turned out to be less expensive when contrasted with different systems of hair treatment.

  • 6.       Hairtransplant does not require a benefactor. The donor sites for extraction of hair follicles taken from your own body.

Friday, 17 June 2016

ILHT Treats Gulshan Grover

It has been said that when success holds something, no one can dare to defeat it. Same is the case with the famous International Laser hair Transplant Surgery Center (ILHT) whose successful stories are not coming to an end. This time as well, the center has got a big success by giving treatment to the famous Bollywood actor, Gulshan Grover.

Gulshan is one of the finest Bollywood actors and has proved his metals in more than 400 films in his long career. He started his career from theater where Anil Kapoor was also his batch mate and then he never looked back. In the beginning of his career, he also worked as an acting teacher in an acting school. Currently, he is also a successful producer and entrepreneur in India.

These people have made me young again and to look young, is one of the dreams in this age”, 

Gulshan said about ILHT.

Gulshan had been facing hair loss problem for many years but he couldn’t get any treatment because of his busy schedules. He is one of the busiest actors of the industry and has got his name in more than 400 movies.

“When he consulted us, we were glad that we would treat this famous actor. His case was consulted with our best doctors and their hard work made his case successful”, said ILHT team.

About ILHT:

International Laser Hair Transplant surgery center (ILHT) is the leading hair transplant center in Pakistan. It has its branches in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad where a large number of patients have been treated successfully as the center deals with the most advanced and latest hair treatments in the world. The foundation is run by Dr. Sajjad Khan. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Why hair transplant is the only durable and permanent solution of a hair loss problem

Hair transplant surgery is widely considered among all the people as a most effective option for restoring natural hair because it's a long-lasting and permanent, relatively easy procedure, and it achieves 100% natural look.

However, a hair transplant surgery performed by an ILHT professional uses the tradition Micrograft® process, which creates a flawless transition as soft and silky as the natural and original hairline, and outcomes that look totally natural and undetectable.

However, during a hair transplant surgery, a surgeon moves only healthy hair follicles from the back side of the scalp and relocates them to the bald area of the head that's affected from baldness due to the high rate of hormone DHT. The ILHT Dubai's hair transplant is a permanent solution for hair loss problems